Monday, October 26, 2009

Almost 37 Weeks, and a Few Random Tidbits

Even as I type the title, I have trouble believing it. As each day passes, I'm getting more and more excited about meeting our son. And surprisingly, I'm also getting more and more excited about the process I'll have to go through to meet our son. Maybe it's a case of ignorance being bliss, but it might also be that I'm reading a book that is helping me look more at the positive aspects of labor and delivery and not dwell as much on the aspects of it I've been focusing on up until now (those are mainly thoughts that have to do with the size of a baby and the size of my body. yikes!).

Lately he's been jumping around in my belly like he's trying to break out. It's funny because it seems as though the more squished he gets in there, the more he's moving around like a maniac; you'd think he would calm it down a bit.

It is a relief to be so close to 37 weeks, since that's when a baby is considered full term. But I'm definitely not wishing for his little guy to be born now. I'm much more comfortable with the idea of him coming around my due date (November 19th). I want him to have as much time as he needs to fatten up and be fully ready to face this world. Plus I need a bit more time to get organized. But I have this sneaking suspicion that even if I had another 9 months, I'd never be as organized as I'd like to be.

Two of my lovely sisters-in-law (Jenna & Leah) headed up the effort to throw us an incredible baby shower yesterday. Although it was more like a torrential downpour than a shower: the ladies who came to celebrate with me were all incredibly generous, I think I opened gifts for 90 minutes straight!

Last Wednesday, James and I took what was probably our last overnight trip for quite some time. James's sister's former boss gave her an incredible gift of two tickets to the final game of the NLCS. She then generously passed the tickets on to us. James's favorite team, the Philadelphia Phillies were playing the Dodgers in Philly. It was so much fun. One day, little Murph (as nicknamed by Val & Ross) will be excited to see evidence of his first, and surely not last, Phillies game:

That's all for now because sitting upright for too long causes some intense back pain. An inconvenience I'll gladly deal with since it means getting to soon meet Baby Boy Murphy!