Wednesday, August 19, 2009

At the Beach

I've had the chance to relearn what the word "relax" means.

We're halfway through our week-long family beach vacation (my first instinct was to write beach holiday, UK English is still prominent in my mind sometimes) and I've realized I haven't truly relaxed, for an extended period of time, in the past two years. Maybe I've had short times of physical relaxation or mental relaxation, but never at the same time. This week I truly feel like my whole being is decompressing.

I really needed it and it feels great, so I'm going to stop writing about it and go relax some more.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Mystery Solved

Though it's been less than a month since we've returned to Richmond from our two years in Scotland, it feels like we've crammed 8 weeks of life into the last three.

The most exciting event thus far has to be finding out that we're having a BOY!!! AND, that our little boy looks as though he is perfectly healthy and growing right on schedule.

I'm somewhere between 25 and 27 weeks along, I've been given three different due dates, so this baby will most likely make his appearance somewhere between the middle and end of November. I'm liking the ambiguity though, that way I (hopefully) won't be so anxious if the baby decides to hang out for a bit longer than my original due date of mid-November.

We even got to see our little guy in 4D! We weren't expecting it at all; all of the sudden, the technician flips a switch, and SURPRISE, there's an image on the screen of our baby that makes it seem like we're looking at him face-to-face. Technology blows my mind.

Life's pretty crazy for us for the next couple of months; this whole transitioning thing is harder than expected, and we haven't even officially begun transitioning yet since we're hopping all over the east coast until October. But overall, life is great. We're loving being back in Richmond, though we're missing Dornoch and all our friends there more than words can express. We're already making plans to for our first visit back to Scotland!