Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What's your REAL age???

Here's where you find out what your biological age is based on your health history, physical activity level, and seat belt habits, as opposed to your birthday age. Or Oprah can help you with a shorter version of the same test.

I like Oprah's version because it says I'm actually...19.7, instead of 26! Barely even legal. The greatest thing is, consuming alcoholic beverages makes me one year younger!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

MMMMMM...Mary Angela's

We (me and husband) just got back from enjoying a very delicious dinner at Mary Angela's. It's quickly becoming one of my most favorite "regular" restaurants. We don't go out to eat very often, so when we do go, it's usually reasonably priced and somewhere we know is GOOD. Usually it's Joe's Inn in the Fan (please don't ever waste your time going to Joe's Inn on the Southside: yuck). The last two times we've been out to dinner (which makes it a "regular" place for us) it's been to Mary Angela's

I am a calamari snob. During college I waited tables in a restaurant in Williamsburg. The food was better than you can imagine, seriously. No really, you've never had a steak this good, I'll challenge you. And the calamari...my mouth is watering as I type, I promise. I've eaten calamari at many restaurants; if it's on the menu, I try it. That being said, you need to try the calamari at Mary Angela's.

Top it off with a pitcher of Yuengling and Calzone...I'm sufficiently stuffed.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I Suck Spit For a Living

Yes, that's right...I suck spit out of people's mouths for a living. Every day, from 8-5, sometimes the hours are longer. No, I'm not employed by the city of Paris to french kiss people in public to bring back the romanticism of the city (yes, it's true they really have done it!). I'm a Dental Assistant. My job includes many responsibilities, I could list them for you, but when it comes down to it, basically I have to keep people from choking to death on thier own spit while the dentist and I shove our hands and many instruments in and out of their mouth. Excited about your 6 month check-up?

I began my career in the Dental Industry when the Insurance Industry was sucking the life out of me after 2 years of working with some of the most boring material ever: insurance policies. Eventually I plan on becoming a dental hygienist; MCV didn't want me the first time I applied to the program. Now I know the right people, and we all know that's the main thing that helps you get ahead in this political world.

I love teeth and I love my job. No seriously, I love it. I truly enjoy going to work. If working as a hygienist didn't pay a gajillion trillion bucks more, I'd be an assistant for the rest of my life. The office I'm working at now is the third dental office I've been employed by...best office ever. First two dentists I worked for=horrible. Current bosses=awesome. And really, my job is not stressful at all. The most stressful part of my day comes when the satellite (for the t.v.'s in EVERY operatory) isn't working and we have to listen to the radio. j/k, sorta. Actually the most stressful aspect of my day comes when the seemingly thousands of women I work with are on estrogen overload and create unnecessary drama. That's probably the worst thing about working in dentistry, not enough men to balance out the craziness of us women.

Some of my patients can be pretty annoying too. I mean, I know visiting the dentist is no cake-walk, but really people...get a grip. If you hate it that much, you need drugs...and we offer a variety to make your experience as pleasant as possible for you (and us).

I kinda like gross stuff, which I think is an important quality when I'm required to look at people's mouths all day (a.k.a. the dirtiest part of the body). My favorite procedure's to assist are any surgery's: extraction, placement of titanium implants, bone grafts, tissue grafts.

Now that I've established just how strange I really am, let me encourage you to go to the dentist: nobody likes smelly breath, and clean teeth keeps it to a minimum!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Goin' Commando

Conversation overheard today at work:

Receptionist (80 years old, very high strung): "A patient just called and she's demanding to be seen and I don't have anywhere to put her, I need you to look at the schedule and tell me what to do with her"

Boss (40 years old, super relaxed): "Slow down Sue, don't get your panties all in a wad"

Receptionist: "Impossible, I'm not wearing any."

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Never Take the Sun for Granted!

Dornoch, Scotland lies at almost 58 degrees N latitude, the same latitude as Juneau, Alaska. Anybody have any opinions on the best thermal underwear to buy? Here's a satelite image of Dornoch, zoom out a bit if you'd like, to see just how far North we'll be. Surprisingly, although cold, windy, and rainy, the weather is milder than you would imagine. They rarely have snow, and because of the seemingly constant rain, it's green year-round. When we were there in November, the grass was bright green and roses were in full bloom. What I'm looking forward to the least is the lack of sunshine. Apparently Seasonal Affective Disorder (or, ironically enough, SAD) is very common in Scotland. This is definitely on my "must buy" list before we leave.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Future Full of Neeps, Tatties, and Haggis

Starting a blog has reminded me of starting a college paper. I'd put the paper off for ages, until the very last minute, like 8 hours before the due date. Since there's no due date for this blog, I've succeeded in having a blog with only a title for a month now. There just always seem to be so many other items demanding my attention.

My husband and I returned yesterday night from being out of town for a week. I won't go into the details of the trip now, but it was, all at once, very physically relaxing and VERY mentally taxing. So today we are SUPER tired and want to do nothing but sit around and think about all the things we should be doing.

So after an entire morning and afternoon of doing nothing but eating Lee's yummy fried chicken (and way too many potato skins), posting some items on Craig's List, and giving Owen a bath (see picture below of Owen sitting like the queen she thinks she is), I've come to the conclusion to finally post on my blog.

We love love love RVA. We would be totally and utterly content with residing in this wonderful town for the rest of our lives. James (my fabulous husband) has never lived anywhere else. I grew up in the crazy little town of Hopewell 30 minutes south of Richmond, (whew, the description of my childhood in Hopewell would require an entirely seperate blog. If you're from Hopewell, you too will understand.) went to school in Williamsburg, and moved Home to RVA after my 4 years of temporary insanity at W&M.

About a 18 months ago we began exploring the idea of moving to Scotland. Yes, I did just say we'd gladly live in Richmond forever, that's why we've only committed to living in Scotland for 2 years. Beacause although Scotland does have green rolling hills year-round, bagpipes in abundance, and really good beer, Richmond has (some of) our family, amazing friends, and too many wonderful things to list.

"Why Scotland?", you may be wondering. That's what I said too: a lover of the sun I am, and the sun is scarce in Scotland, especially in the fall and winter months. But as James first realized, and I soon came to understand as well, it's our "calling", as some would say. Something we know we were designed and prepared for, even before we were aware of it.

"What for?" might be your next question...To do the same thing we do now! Since elementary school, we've both gone to Stony Point Church, and have been involved in the lives of kids (Youth would be the official word, but it sounds so...official). SPC has a partnership with a church in Scotland that has a desire for a young couple to come and work with their kids to give their pastor a chance to slow down a little. He's doing the work of about 6 people.

We hope to leave sometime around March 2007. I'm really excited to go, but really sad to leave. I want people to feel like they can get a glimpse of our lives there, so that's the main reason I'm starting this blog. And I'll probably document aspects of the process of getting there. The reason we couldn't leave a year ago when we first decided to go is we're raising the money to live their. Sounds crazy, I know, especially if you knew how much money we have to raise (especially squared, when you find out about the exchange rate). We're asking people who support and believe in us, and the work we'll be doing, to support us with their prayers and their wallets. So when the money comes in, ultimately determines when we leave. And since My King Is who determines when the money comes in, we're loving every minute of our lives here until the day comes when it's time to go!