Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Future Full of Neeps, Tatties, and Haggis

Starting a blog has reminded me of starting a college paper. I'd put the paper off for ages, until the very last minute, like 8 hours before the due date. Since there's no due date for this blog, I've succeeded in having a blog with only a title for a month now. There just always seem to be so many other items demanding my attention.

My husband and I returned yesterday night from being out of town for a week. I won't go into the details of the trip now, but it was, all at once, very physically relaxing and VERY mentally taxing. So today we are SUPER tired and want to do nothing but sit around and think about all the things we should be doing.

So after an entire morning and afternoon of doing nothing but eating Lee's yummy fried chicken (and way too many potato skins), posting some items on Craig's List, and giving Owen a bath (see picture below of Owen sitting like the queen she thinks she is), I've come to the conclusion to finally post on my blog.

We love love love RVA. We would be totally and utterly content with residing in this wonderful town for the rest of our lives. James (my fabulous husband) has never lived anywhere else. I grew up in the crazy little town of Hopewell 30 minutes south of Richmond, (whew, the description of my childhood in Hopewell would require an entirely seperate blog. If you're from Hopewell, you too will understand.) went to school in Williamsburg, and moved Home to RVA after my 4 years of temporary insanity at W&M.

About a 18 months ago we began exploring the idea of moving to Scotland. Yes, I did just say we'd gladly live in Richmond forever, that's why we've only committed to living in Scotland for 2 years. Beacause although Scotland does have green rolling hills year-round, bagpipes in abundance, and really good beer, Richmond has (some of) our family, amazing friends, and too many wonderful things to list.

"Why Scotland?", you may be wondering. That's what I said too: a lover of the sun I am, and the sun is scarce in Scotland, especially in the fall and winter months. But as James first realized, and I soon came to understand as well, it's our "calling", as some would say. Something we know we were designed and prepared for, even before we were aware of it.

"What for?" might be your next question...To do the same thing we do now! Since elementary school, we've both gone to Stony Point Church, and have been involved in the lives of kids (Youth would be the official word, but it sounds so...official). SPC has a partnership with a church in Scotland that has a desire for a young couple to come and work with their kids to give their pastor a chance to slow down a little. He's doing the work of about 6 people.

We hope to leave sometime around March 2007. I'm really excited to go, but really sad to leave. I want people to feel like they can get a glimpse of our lives there, so that's the main reason I'm starting this blog. And I'll probably document aspects of the process of getting there. The reason we couldn't leave a year ago when we first decided to go is we're raising the money to live their. Sounds crazy, I know, especially if you knew how much money we have to raise (especially squared, when you find out about the exchange rate). We're asking people who support and believe in us, and the work we'll be doing, to support us with their prayers and their wallets. So when the money comes in, ultimately determines when we leave. And since My King Is who determines when the money comes in, we're loving every minute of our lives here until the day comes when it's time to go!

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