Thursday, October 26, 2006

Money Update

Here's an update on how our support is coming in for our trip to Scotland. For those of you just joining in, my husband James and I are moving to Scotland for two years to serve the children of a small town called Dornoch. Our church here in Richmond has a partnership with the church we'll be working with in Dornoch. We are sponsored by a mission organization called Mission To The World. We are raising money to pay all of our expenses while we are there. MTW has given us a budget that includes all or our travel, insurance, and living expenses. Here it is broken down, VERY SIMPLY:

One-Time Expenses: Needed in the bank before we leave to cover travel expenses, training, etc.


Monthly Expenses: 100% of this amount needs to be pledged by an individual or group, before we leave. Total for two years:


Yes, it is A LOT of money. No, we will not be making $60,000 a year while being missionaries. After all expenses are taken out, we will recieve a check for $1,200 a month, or 600 pounds, to cover food and unforseen extras.

Here's where we are currently, as a result of the love and generosity we've been so blessed to recieve from so many people:

100% of the $29,000 One-Time Expense RAISED!
35% of the $132,000 Monthly Expenses RAISED!

So we continue to raise support until we get to 100%. It's frustrating sometimes not knowing when we'll be able to go. But we know it's totally in God's hands, and we'll get there when He wants us there. Not one day earlier, not one day later.

If you're interested in finding out more about this adventure, leave me a comment and I'll be glad to get in touch with you!

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