Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Brussels Part Deux (From James)

Hello to all once again,

First to clear some things up- we are in Brussels Belgium for the
month of January, doing our pre-field training with Mission to the
World(MTW). We will be paired with a french speaking church for the
month, working alongside them with their youth. It should be
interesting with the language barrier.

We have had some interesting things happen to us over the last couple
of days. One of the most notable was almost be pick pocketed coming
home from church on the tram in Brussels. There were some strange
things going on around us, and i looked down and noticed someones hand
in my pocket. I grabbed his hand and i think my words were "Don't even
try it buddy". The Lord was watching out for us. Sunday night i stayed
up listening to The Philadelphia Eagles win on a last second field
goal. It was around 3:30 Brussels time when i finally went to bed, but
it was well worth staying up. Thank the Lord for the internet.

We have spent most of Monday in team building and cultural training
exercises, that have been alot of fun, but also very useful. Tommorow
will be more of the same. We look forward to Thursday, Friday and
Saturday to begin work with the youth of the Fench speaking church.

We thank you for your prayers.

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