Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lots of Pictures, a Few Details

Here's a quick summary of part of our weekend.

Wednesday Evening: Attended youth group that has been in operation for 70 years. We didn't know anyone, met a couple of people who spoke limited English. The music was awesome, best youth group band we've ever heard. They sang a couple of songs in English, we were stoked. We'll be going back each Wednesday for the rest of the month.

Thursday: Slept in for the first time this month, loved it! Enjoyed a lazy morning. Decided to brave the intense wind and rain and travel to Antwerp. There was a crazy windstorm, the trains were delayed, we heard later at least 25 people died in Europe from the same storm, very sad.

James is hoping to have a statue constructed after him.

Art in Antwerp

Friday: Took a train all the way to the the Northern coast, saw the coast and the North Sea. Visited the town of Brugge. It's so picturesque! We felt like we were in a storybook, or an extreme amusement park. Hung out with a family who has three young kids. They're raising money to move to Ethiopia and do medical ministry. You'll see a picture of the kids below, they're all totally enthralled with James.

On the coast of the North Sea

Cute Kids

Beautiful Brugge

More about the rest of the weekend to come!


Andrea said...

Hi James & Jennifer--

Loving the blog, the pictures, everything! Thanks for the updates and sending the Rainy Days Newsletter.

God bless!

Andrea Arthur

Clay said...

Thanks for the updates guys! Sounds like an awesome journey so far.

FSC is not the same without you guys. Still rockin, but not the same.