Saturday, February 10, 2007

Our Parents Rock

Seriously, it's an amazing thing, the parents I have.

First of all, they're still married and love each other very much, which in today's society is a rarity.

The most recent example of how they're so awesome is the fact that they renovated our bathroom while we were gone. It was a real life episode of, "While you were out of the country, we worked for 15 days straight to change your completely demolished bathroom that had only a working shower and was stripped down to the studs, into a beautiful fully functioning bathroom that feels twice the size. Oh, and we also cleaned the whole house to get rid of the nasty dust that comes along with renovations and stocked your fridge with some home-made food."
I think it may be a new t.v. show on TLC next season.

My dad changed around all the plumbing, moving the fixtures to different places, rewired the electricity, and drywalled. I'm sure making innumerable trips to Lowe's, while working his extra full-time job. He's so talented. My mom did tons to help, picking out great lighting and hardware, decorating beautifully, and adding a nice touch of fresh flowers. (We'll post pictures when it's finished. They thoughtfully left the painting to us since they know how picky we are about those kind of things.) When we walked into the bathroom for the first time, you guessed it, I cried.

They have always been incredibly supportive and giving, it has only increased over time. I'm taking mental notes on all the ways they've loved me for the past 26 years, and how they've loved my husband as their son, and hope to be the same kind of parent to our children.

Not only do I have great parents, I've got great in-law parents. None of those stereotypical in-law issues here. We arrived at the airport Monday to find that my mom-in-law had made the 9 hour drive from Indiana to welcome us home and be the expert house-cleaner that she is: making our house spotless, our kitchen floor newly waxed, and our cabinets stocked. My husband's dad would have loved to come as well, but work calls.

Both sets of parents have been our biggest supporters in our endeavor to Scotland, and not just financially. It's so great when your parent's and in-laws are your friends too!

Our parents are pretty cool. I think I'll keep 'em.

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