Friday, May 04, 2007

Review of Last Weekend

So it's Friday, and I'm thinking about how great last weekend was. I just have to sum it up now, even though it was a week ago. This is more for my benefit, so I can reminisce and be full of joy that I am blessed with such wonderful friends who are loving, caring people and a blast to be around.

Had a bunch of people over. The boys watched a silly movie while the girls hung out on the porch. Enjoyed some drinks, dominoes, and Texas hold 'em. It was a blast. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy

Good times with friend's visiting from Colorado!

Zach's in a total trance: spellbound by Blare's love =)

Owen, stop looking at my dominoes!

Slept in while James helped his friend move. Went to my great aunt's yard sale, got lots of great old stuff.
Went to friend's home to have a cookout and enjoy another fabulous game of dominoes, hung out and had a blast...AGAIN.

Went to church, lunch with parents at Joe's Inn in the fan (never go to Joe's Inn on the Southside...yuck). Home for a minute, Franklin Street Community service at 4:00. Met friend's (Jeremiah and Emily, visiting from Colorado) and mom and aunt at Legend's for food and beer.
Home to watch Soprano's. Disappointed by the lack of action.
Went to bed with much appreciation for time spent with friend's.

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