Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Dinner Tonight

Instant mashed potatoes, slices of a cucumber, a couple spoonfuls of Bunny Tracks, and a *Champagne of Beers*.

I never used to cook when I lived by myself, and since James is out of town, dinner was whatever was easiest and quick. When it's just one person, it seems like more work than it's worth to actually cook something.

I've realized that I only enjoy cooking (more like preparing a meal...I'm no chef) because it's a way I can care for people. James is easy to cook for because he'll eat anything (except for most vegetables) and be satisfied with it.

Upon my request, James' grandmother mailed me a couple of recipes she'd used last time we visited. She included a note that summed up how rewarding it can be to feed your loved ones, "It's always nice to see a smile on the face of the one you've cooked for."

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