Friday, July 27, 2007

Weekend Review

-Worked 'till 12
-Visited my friend & co-worker who just had a baby: the first boy after 4 girls. He's rediculously cute. But it's not a surprise, because the whole family's so cute you just want to hug them.
-Drove from way west on Staples Mill to Chester. Was so tired; fought to keep my eyes open the entire 47 minute drive
-Sat out in the sun for a little bit
-Did some laundry/wrote some thank you notes/played with Owen/cleaned up/talked on the phone/read some blogs/did some reading from actual books/ate a bunch of fruit and vegetables in hopes of staving off my ice cream craving.
-It didn't work. Ate some ice cream.
-Got excited that James was coming home the next day.
-Went to Bed

-Bike Ride
-Post Office
-Relaxed outside
-Welcomed James home
-Left for wedding in Bethesda, MD
-Sat in traffic, missed the first half of the ceremony
-Had a good time at the wedding; took my favorite type of photos: self-taken

-Enjoyed an easy ride home, no traffic, good conversation with my friend Lynn while James caught up on his sleep

-Church at Stony Point
-Lunch w/ parents at Panera
-Hung out around metro Richmond, no time to drive to our temporary home
-Church at Franklin Street
-Enjoyed a delicious Rainbow Donut after the service
-Evening church service at Stony Point to talk about vision and mission of church for next 5 years
-Had an intense conversation about intense things
-Dinner with friends at El Cap-something (tiny place next to 7-11 by Regency Mall)
-Had another intense conversation about the same intense things
-Home, mentally exhausted from thinking about intense things all weekend
-To bed.

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