Thursday, July 05, 2007

House Projects

With our move out date, July 13th we have a to-do-list that is half a mile long. When we bought our lovely home less than two years ago, we had a 5 year renovation schedule. Deciding to move to Scotland shortened our time line by 3 years. Below is a list of what we've done in the last week. The same amount of items have yet to be checked off the list.
It's a TON of work, but exciting to know that it's all part of getting us to Scotland.

If it weren't for our parents, 95% of these items wouldn't have been accomplished. Seriously. My parents live right outside of Richmond and are here helping all the time. My dad knows how to do EVERYTHING. Really, everything. The hours he's used his skills to beautify our home are easily in the hundreds. My mom comes to work also, but more importantly, always brings food. My husbands parents live in Indiana, but visit often and always do so much work when they're here. My mother-in-law has been here a week, my father-in-law since yesterday. They haven't stopped working since they've been here.

We'll soon be able to come out of hiding and be social again.

Drywall and Mud:

Hung Trim:

Hung New Doors:
Foyer Closet
Back Exterior Door

Hung New Ceiling Fan:

Primed and Painted:
Foyer-Walls, Ceiling, and Trim, Closet Door
Bathroom-Walls, Ceiling, Trim, Door
Kitchen Ceiling

Touch up paint:
Living Room

Removed existing floor in Foyer

New Floor:
Ante-Room of Upstairs Bathroom

Hung New Chandelier in Foyer

Built Closet in Bathroom

Replaced Electrical Outlets:

Plus lots of other little projects I've already forgotten about

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