Friday, October 26, 2007

Bring on the Sun

I LOVE getting mail from home. I can't explain how exciting it is to see the red postal truck stop in front of our house (the truck means a package is coming), or see a letter that has come through the door mail slot with an air mail sticker on it (the letters come via bicycle).

As exciting as it is, I cringe when I look at the price of the postage, SO EXPENSIVE! I feel guilty that people have to spend that much money to send us a treat. But then I start opening the box or envelope and my excitement comes flooding back again.

The other day I received a much anticipated package from my parents. They were extremely generous in purchasing a Happy Light for our house. The time change is this weekend and daylight will steadily decrease to 6 hours a day. The excessive cloud cover in Scotland will probably prohibit the sun from shining during many of those hours. So there will be a shortage of sunshine, a decrease of Vitamin D absorption, and an increase of possible health issues. And I read here that "In the UK, the suns rays are too weak for a good half of the year to allow absorption adequate enough to aid in the body's production of vitamin D."

Have you ever wondered why you felt kinda blah, and then realized it might be because there have been a few dreary days in a row without the sun? I think Scottish people spend most of their winters like that.

We've heard lots of stories of people who suffer from depression in Scotland. I think these lights need to be sold in every corner store, then disorders like SAD might not be quite as prevalent!

We're using our light everyday. Yay for sunshine, even if it's fake!
Thanks Mom & Dad!

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