Friday, October 19, 2007

Just Call me Paula Deen

Well, not exactly, because I can't cook like her, would NEVER want to be a chef, and couldn't use the amount of butter she does in good conscience.

But I have been baking enough this week that I wished I at least had my own cooking show so I could talk out loud and not feel crazy for doing it.

The school's two week October holiday ends this weekend, and so we've had some time on our hands since many of the families travel. I decided it was the best time to try and meet lots more people. Knocking on people's doors just to say hi would be somewhat strange in America, but it would be lunacy here.

So, I had to be sneaky. I'd use the guise of yummy baked goods to get my unsuspecting neighbors to open their doors, make them meet me, and let them think all I wanted was to give them a carrot cake or some chocolate chip cookies. hehehe. They all fell for it.

My one mistake was giving them the goodies in disposable tins. If I had used my real plates, they'd have to come to MY house to return them. Ah well, I'm just beginning to learn all the rules of making friends in Scotland.

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