Saturday, October 13, 2007

UK=small, America =BIG

Things in America are regular size, right? I've lived there my entire life, so I wouldn't know any different. The UK does everything on a smaller scale. Or, are things normal here in Scotland, and super-sized in The States?

All I know is it's hard to get used to things being smaller. I still look twice when I see a person's kitchen trashcan that's smaller than most bathroom trashcans I'm used to. All appliances are smaller too. You won't find washing machines like this here.

Our house came with a "normal" size fridge. We tried to live with it, but feeding lots of high school kids means having tons of ready to be cooked frozen food around. This fridge just wouldn't cut it (do you see the white rectangle along the top? that's the freezer).

So we purchased a "large" fridge freezer combo, as they call them here. That's right, livin' the posh life.

And here it sits, in our foyer closet, that's the only place it will fit.


Andrea said...

okay, what kind of beer is in the fridge, along with what looks like bottle of diet coke. Yeah, I'm nosy like that. All up in yo' bizz-ness.

Valerie said...

ahahahahahahhhaaah that first picture makes it seem like James is a Super Giant (as opposed to the Regular Giant we're used to seeing).

andi said...

My host-mom in London had one of those little fridges and I used to be really confused about how she was able to feed us dinner every night. Then many many weeks later I discovered one of those huge open-lid freezers conveniently hidden under a green table cloth by the back door.

Jennifer said...

good questions andrea, you noticed the most important items: diet coke and beer. a variety of beer, but this is the one you could see