Saturday, October 27, 2007

YC Details

The first Youth Club for the school year was last night. We had a blast. This is the schedule:

6:30 first age group arrives: grades P1-P6, ages 5-10
-register them (write down their names and phone #'s, collect their entrance fee: 50 pents
-played games with the kids. all kinds of board games, arts and crafts, foosball, air hockey, limbo, etc.
-tuck shop was opened: (it's what Scotts call a snack shop) they can buy crips and juice
-tidy up time
-talk time: the kids sit down and Angus talked about what and why we do Youth Clubs. sang a song, had the kids come up with the rules they'd like to have
7:45 time to leave

15 minutes to change over games for older group

8:00 older group arrives: grades P7-S6, ages 11+
-register them, collect their entrance fee
-had them sit down and reviewed rules, talked about and what Youth Clubs are and why we do them.
-played games with kids: board games, table tennis, pool, air hockey, foosball, etc.
-tuck shop open: crisps, candy bars, sodas
-older group over at 9:30
-cleaned up, put games away, went home

We met a bunch of kids who live in our neighborhood and can't wait to see some of our new friends around town!


Janet said...

Now I know why there is a "Tuck Shop" at Covenant College. You learn something new everyday. Thanks for the info. Janet

Janet said...

I forgot to mention that Covenant's mascot is a Scot.