Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Guy Fawkes Day

Yesterday we joined thousands of Scots in Inverness to celebrate Guy Fawkes day. In short, a guy tried to blow up British Parliment in the 1600's, he and some of his accomplices were caught and killed, (Fawkes jumped from the gallows and broke his neck before they could hang him)and his foiled attempt is still celebrated with tons of fanfare. Kathleen, a girl doing work similar to ours in Nairn, Scotland, showed us around Inverness. We froze together, and enjoyed the rediculously huge bonfire. After the bonfire had burned down a bit, they had a pretty impressive fireworks display.

Can you see the mannequins? Yup, they were burned.

Kathleen's from Memphis. She's been here for 18 months and is leaving next year sometime.

It's hard to see, but an amazingly huge fire.

Self-taken photos, my favorite.


Ross said...

I like how to fit James in the frame we only get to see the smallest bit if your face.

Valerie said...

You look so COLD!

I'm Jennifer said...

oh boy, was it cold. the wind blows right through you; feels like you don't have any clothes on!

taking these photos of ourselves is an acquired skill, takes lots of practice to fit us both into the frame. this one was successful after one take!