Saturday, December 22, 2007

Deep-Fried Delicacies

Apparently the deep-fried candy bar is not just an American State Fair specialty. Scotland deep-fries anything that batter will stick to. America's southern states are popular for foods that are fried, which probably leads to it being the country with the highest rate of obesity. Scotland has recently earned second place in this category.

Along with the deep-fried Mars Bar, some popular fried foods are pizza, fish and chips (so popular), black pudding (aka blood pudding: makes me gag), white pudding, and haggis. I stay away from all of those items except for fish and chips, it's just so good.

FYI: The UK Mars bar is just a sweeter version of America's Milky Way.


Andrea said...

If you ever want to eat sausage or hot dogs again,do not read the ingredients list. Watched a History Channel special on the history of hot dogs...not a pretty sight or story. Ugh.

Solstice time! Yea Ha!

I'm Jennifer said...

I'm torn; I'm dying to see that history channel special, but know that I will want to eat hot dogs and sausages again in my life.

super stoked that we've past winter solstice!!!

ALF said...

Apparently my husband should move to Scotland. He loves ANYTHING deep fried!