Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Or as British people say, "Happy Christmas!"

To all of our friends and family out there, we love and miss you so much. We wish we could be there with you, or even better, you be here with us!

Christmas isn't nearly as commercial in Scotland as it is in America. In a way, we really miss that festive spirit, anticipation, and shopping madness that begins earlier and earlier (this year we saw Christmas decorations in Wal-Mart in early September!). Being removed from that, and also being without the people we usually spend the holiday's with, has challenged me to concentrate more on the true meaning of Christmas and the real reason for the joy and excitement that comes along with the season.

PS: We leave early in the morning on Boxing Day to pick up my parents from the airport in Edinburgh! I can't wait!


Allison said...

Merry Christmas! Much love from the States! So excited for your parents' visit--that will be so wonderful!

Andrea said...

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas.

Lose all the craziness and commercializtion of Christmas in the states but gain an extra holiday...gotta love Boxing Day.

Gotta run now! Children shooting their eyes out with nerf air dart rifles.

Happy Christmas!

andi said...

Merry Christmas you two! Miss you tons.

I'm Jennifer said...

Thanks Allison! Hope your Christmas in Alaska was fabulous, I'm sure you're having a great time.

Andrea, hope your kids still have eyes (i've been dying to see the "you'll shoot your eye out" b.b. gun movie all month!). They celebrate Boxing Day, but Christmas Eve is ignored.

Andi! I miss you tons too!