Monday, January 07, 2008

Twin Chickens?

I cracked an egg today to make brownies (found a mix at Costco, hallelujah! brownies aren't common and mixes typically aren't found in grocery stores here. But Costco is pretty much like being in America. I also found real, plain, corn tortilla chips for the first time!) and there were two yolks in it!

Does that mean it would have been twins? I was slightly sad that that egg turned into my brownies instead of cute twin chicks. But the brownies were delicious, so I wasn't sad for long.

What's up with these Scottish eggs?


Amy said...

I've never gotten a twin, but I do occasionally find the fuzz balls on the eggs here in Mexico. I think it's a left-over from the mother hen, and not there because a baby chick is hatching. :) I HOPE! Haha.

Paul Hammond said...

It might have turned into a two headed, four legged chicken! I hear the poultry industry is working on a chicken with four wings.

I'm Jennifer said...

Amy: seriously, i would freak out if I opened my egg carton and found a baby chick. I have never in my life found a fuzzball on an egg in America, why doesn't it happen there?

Paul: really? they're working on a chicken with four wings? that's just disgusting.

Andrea said...

But Jennifer, just think...more Buffalo wings. Smacking lip sounds.

Anonymous said...

holy crap i think i am going to throw up

Amber D. said...

Hey, I found a double yolk egg today when I was cracking eggs for breakfast too! It made me curious if chickens do have twins occasionally, so I Googled it. I found out that usually the 2 babies will die fighting each other before they get out of the egg, but in VERY rare cases, when humans have helped them, they can survive! Interesting.
And by the way, I think it's neat that you are short term missionaries in Scotland! I hope you are doing well.

I'm Jennifer said...

Hi Amber!
That is so interesting about twin chickens, thanks for sharing what you found!

Thanks also for your encouragement! It's hard to believe we're coming to the end or our term here, we're definitely going to miss everyone here!