Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Amazing Race: Dornoch Edition

The schools were closed for a 5 day weekend (have you ever heard of such a thing when it wasn't for a holiday?!) so we planned an event for them on Monday. We wanted to do something in Inverness since there are so many shiny, flashy things that kids love to do there. Transportation is an issue though since our American licenses don't let us drive anything other than our car. So an event in Dornoch is what we planned.

Kids got to our house around 11:00, we divided into two teams, and they were given their instructions. They had 2 hours, 35 clues, and a camera to prove the team had figured out each clue.

Both mine and James' teams started out in full-out sprints. The running gradually tapered down, but the energy level stayed pretty high. We all had a great time. James' team won by two, but by the time we started eating our hot dogs and fries, they were all happy.

The day ended with football on the beach, and then pool, ping pong, and basketball at the church hall. We were so exhausted. It was a great day.

Here are some photos of my team (James' team only had camera phones) as well as a mini tour of Dornoch for you.

The docotor's office. It was a beautiful SUNNY day!

This is called "Grants." It's the larger of the two markets in town.

Behind the kids is some of the newest construction in Dornoch, condos in the main town square.

Everybody calls this "little spar." It's the smaller of the two markets.

On the left is the Dornoch Free Chuch building (the church we mainly work with), to the right is the church hall where we have Youth Club on Fridays.

This is the war memorial, every town has one.

Mitchell's Chemist, aka CVS on a much smaller scale.

Another monument in Dornoch. You can barely make out the little gold baby; it's head had broken previously and been glued back on. These kids almost broke it off again. We quickly departed before there was an 'incident.'

They're pointing to the Dornoch Social Club up the hill. Not much socializing goes on there.

The Eagle hotel and pub. It has a real pub feel to it.

The Newsagent. Right next to it is the butcher's shop.

That's the Dornoch Hotel, it sits on the golf course. Now it's run by a company that specializes in tours for retired people. Our house is about two blocks to the right. (The kids are getting tired, can you tell?)

A post office box for outgoing mail. The mail people don't pick up mail from your house.

Can you read that sign? It says: "Donald Mackay hanged here on 26th May 1738 for murdering a witch, his was the last execution at Dornoch." Pretty crazy, huh? Our house is right behind that row of houses you can see.

American football on the beach.

Someone's camera shy.

Even though it was sunny, the sand was still really cold. These kids are crazy.


Janet said...

How awesome! What a great idea. You can tell by the expressions on the kids faces they really enjoyed this. God has you guys there for His purposes. I can't wait to come!!!

andi said...

That looks like a lot of fun. And I love seeing the tour of the town!