Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Richmond onThe James? Nope...This is Richmond on The Thames!

Richmond, a Borough of London, sits on the Thames River (in case you Americans are wondering, it's pronounced Temz). On our last day of sightseeing in London, James' aunt and uncle took us to Richmond for the sole purpose of seeing this spot that is the inspiration for the naming of our hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

Being there was one of the best moments of our trip. Standing in that park and understanding William Byrd's rationale for naming Richmond, and being able to feel as close to home as possible while standing in the UK, was priceless. I can't wait for the next time I'm able to stand where Byrd stood in Libby Hill Park in my old neighborhood of Church Hill, and look out at the bend in the James River where he was reminded of Richmond, London. It's going to be fabulous.

A view from the bike path.

This was written on a plaque in the park.

Another view.

Can you read this? It's some poetry written about Richmond, London.

Just in case you can't get enough (like I couldn't!) another view.

This totally describes how I feel about Richmond, Virginia.

See how fun it was to see this place?!


Janet said...

Oh my garsh, y'all, you would think that was the Libby Hill Park except the one in London looks a wee bit better cared for. How beautiful!!!

Jon Baliles said...

Great post. Thanks!

I took a pic from Libby Hill a few years ago knowing one day I would need it!


I'm Jennifer said...

Hi John, (I'm leaving my reply to you here, since I can't comment on your post)
Thanks for posting your photo, I was wishing I had one for comparison! I was thinking the same thing about how it must have been such a long time between when Byrd saw the two sites, and how impressive it was that he saw the similarity!

Jon Baliles said...

I changed it to the first pick b/c they seem to be from the more similar vantage point and a better comparison. Either way a great comparison and almost eerie after 300 years!

Have a McEwan's for me!

john m said...

I've picked this up for CHPN & used one of your photos, I hope that this is ok.

Val said...

That is nuts! Nice that you got a little Richmond fix.

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