Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I really don't talk a whole lot about what kinds of things take up our days, so here's one thing.

Every Wednesday morning we venture out to the local Elementary school to put on a short (15 minutes) assembly for the kids there. The kids love when we do short plays, (we can't call them a skit because they'll think we're talking about diarrhea, no joke) especially when James pretends to be a 5 year old.

This term we speak to the younger classes, ages 5-7. We'll switch next term and speak to the 8-11's. This week we were talking to them about what it means when something has value and how important our belongings are to us when we deem them as valuable. We had four items and we asked the kids to order them from most valuable to least. Here's what they decided:

Most Important: Video Games
Secondly: A huge bag of sweeties (candy)
Thirdly: A bunch of money
Least Important: A football (soccer ball) that represented all kinds of sports.

We ended by talking about how valuable we are to God. I told the Bible story of the lady losing her coin, searching until she found it and then having a huge party, and how God and his angels have a crazy party when one of his lost people come to him.

I could end with some cheesy life application point, but I'll just leave it at that.

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ALF said...

that sounds really cool.

I know I haven't emailed you yet but please don't think I've forgotten - I think of it often but I know once I get started it will take me awhile to write everything and I have been so busy...blah.