Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Best thing I've heard all day.

"I wish I could have jelly beans for peas, lollies (lollipops) for broccoli, and chocolate for bacon. I do like bacon, I just wish bacon was made out of chocolate."
-said by a 7 year old boy from Dornoch


Ross said...

Wait. Does he know about 1. Bacon Candy or 2. Chocolate Bacon?

Basically you melt chocolate on top of back and you've got Chocolate Bacon. It is delicious, Justin makes it on occasion.

Bacond Candy is the best thing invented by man.

I'm Jennifer said...

you know what, I bet he doesn't! we'll have to make Bacon Candy for him. Chocolate Bacon is a new one for me, sounds interesting, definitely worth a try!

Andrea said...

Bacon Candy has gone global!

Anonymous said...

mmmmm bacon