Saturday, June 07, 2008

Back from the Wild

I made it. I survived 5 nights and 5.5 days in the wild outdoors. I didn't step foot in a building other than a tent for the entire time. I've never spent that much time outside in my life.

It was an awesome trip. Challenging, yes, but really great. Thanks to all of you who prayed, I'm happy to report, there was no illness, scorching sun for two days, and it only rained for two of the evenings and a couple of hours during one day. That, in Scotland, is weather near perfection. The other thing I was worried about was that the battery in my electric toothbrush would last the entire week; my teeth and I are happy to report that it did.

I've never been so glad to see running water in my entire life. The first thing I did when I walked into our house was turn on the tap and drink directly from it. Then I used the bathroom. INSIDE! These are amazing things I'll never take for granted ever again.

I'm sure I'll be posting lots of stories and photos from the trip, but I'll start you off with before and after photos of me.

This was taken the night before I left. Notice here the enthusiastic grin, the strong back able to hold all that weight in the backpack no problem, the clean clothes and hair. What you can't tell is that I smell clean also.

This was taken today, not long after I got to our house. Notice here that although I'm smiling, it's a bit less enthusiastic. Note also the sun-kissed nose and cheeks, droopy eyes, bag full of the dirtiest clothes (everything in the backpack was only slightly dirty), and sore muscles. What you can't tell from the photo (and be glad) is that I don't smell clean and my hair is so oily from not washing it for a week that it looks wet.

Really it was an amazing experience. I was so pleased to see that the kids who went on the trip learned tons and grew in so many ways.

Now it's time to sleep. In a bed. In a glorious bed with pillows. In a climate controlled environment. It's going to be a good night.

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