Thursday, September 25, 2008


We love cereal. I'm pretty particular about it, and it was trial and error finding kinds that we like here. I think we've pretty much narrowed it down to our favorites.

I got the idea to share them with you from my friend Andrea.

We're only two people, but currently we have 4 different kinds in our cabinet. That's down from 5 kinds a couple of days ago before I finished off the box of Whole Grain Cheerios, I've been hooked on them this month.

On the left is a very tasty strawberry and granola cereal. It has big chunky granola and lots of strawberry pieces. Next is one that's not very good in milk, much better to eat dry. That box has been around for a while, not our favorite. It was on special and we thought we'd give it a try. Next is a staple in our house. Contrary to the sound of the name, it's actually very good, it has lots and lots of dried fruit in it. Finally, our unhealthy splurge. I usually don't like chocolate cereals, but this one is surprisingly good. It's James' favorite. I can't bring myself to eat it in the morning, just doesn't feel right to wake up to a bowl of chocolate. But it's a great nighttime snack. (I love how they try to justify it by saying, "Helps you get 3-a-day whole grain)

What kind of cereal do you eat?


Anonymous said...

When I was in Notts, I lived off of Tesco's "Fruit & Fibre." What an amazing cereal!


Andrea said...

Oooooh(squeal it like a girl) Coco Shreddies! Must have!

Wilson Ramblings said...

I love Life cereal, cheerios, and cinnamon toast crunch.

Shannon said...

My current cereal of choice is Corn Pops. :) Not exactly the healthiest choice.

I'm Jennifer said...

ooooh, cinnamon toast crunch! Life! Corn Pops! all so delicious! I know what cereals I'm buying when I get to America

Anonymous said...

Your meager five boxes hold no candle to my shelf in the dining room..If you remember there is usually at least 8 to 10 boxes. None of which I eat!! But with six kids and a picky husband what can I say. Alphabets are Dicks favorite,you can imagine the joy whe they started carrying them again at Wal-mart. We have good ones like cherios,life,raisin bran but there is also Cinnamon toast crunch,cinnamon roll(cereal can you believe it) Reeses puff, and peanut butter corn pops. It is a good thing I'm not judged as a mother by what cereal I let my kids eat. Come on over next time your in town and you can have whatever bowl you like!!
Somehow I knew JAmes favorite was the chocolate one!!
Love SuSu

mom said...

Special K with Pecans!!!!

Amy said...

AAA! You just made me remember Jordan's Country Crisp with real strawberries!! That's what I ate when I lived in London. Sooo good!

Our favorite cereal here is called Nutridia (or translated... "Healthy Day"). It has lots of different grains and flakes including one that we discovered here in Mexico, called Amaranto seeds (Amaranth in English). It apparently was a staple food of the Aztecs. Wikipedia:

I'm Jennifer said...

Su-Su: your 8-10 boxes definitely wins! I'll be taking you up on that bowl of cereal offer one day!

Mom: I think I tried that cereal last time I was home, yummy!

Amy: I think it's so funny that two of my American friends who lived in the UK ate two of the cereals we eat!

Andrea said...

Cereal lovers! Check this out--

A restaurant just for cereal lovers like us! Cereality,