Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy 1st Anniversary!

Nope, it's not our wedding anniversary that we're celebrating(we're half way into year number 5 of wedded bliss), but the one year anniversary of living in Scotland!

Time is such a crazy thing. In a way, it feels like we've been here for 5 years, but on the other hand it feels like it's only been 6 months. We feel so settled, and have made such great friends that it seems we've been here for much longer than a year. But other days it's hard to believe it's already been a year, where have the months gone?

The scariest thing about looking forward to the upcoming year, is realizing that it will fly by even faster than this past year. As of now, the plan is to leave Scotland when our visa's expire in September '09. But, we realize there's always a possibility of things changing. Four years ago I never would've believed you if you told me I'd be living in Scotland for two years, so it's impossible to know what's ahead for the next chapter of our lives.

I'm not even going to begin to do any sort of summary of the past year, that'd take forever, not to mention more emotional energy than I've got at the moment. But I will share a great compliment I received yesterday that sums up why I'm so grateful for the ways this community has welcomed us. A man here told me that James and I are now, "part of the fabric of Dornoch." I think that's pretty great.

So, how did we celebrate? We didn't really do anything specific, but I did get to run in a 10K and that was fun. The best part about it was when the finish line was in sight, I suddenly spotted a group of about 10 kids from Dornoch cheering me on with all their might. It was fabulous. I love these kids.

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Anonymous said...

A year ago you didn't even know their names now they're cheering you to the finish line. Wow, what God has done in a year. I'm sure this will be another awesome year!!!