Thursday, November 20, 2008

Big Burn

Contrary to what it may seem, this is actually not about fire, but this kind of burn.

James and I took advantage of a recent sunny saturday and went for a hike on a trail called Big Burn to see some waterfalls. It was in a local town called Golspie, about 15 minutes from Dornoch.

Here are pictures of the biggest waterfall from 3 different perspectives, starting with a bird's eye view.

And of course no outing is complete without at least one self-taken portrait.

We met a nice french lady along the way who took this one for us. I felt for her because she didn't speak a word of English; it reminded me of how helpless we felt when we were in France this summer and barely got by with our rudimentary French words.

We saw some great trees too.

It was a fabulous day!


Leah said...

james *almost* looks normal size next to that waterfall

Mary Jo said...

wow - is that where we were going when it snowed???

I'm Jennifer said...

yeah, it was, after we saw how cool it was, i was bummed we couldn't take you there!

andi said...

That lady may not know English but she took a nice picture!