Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here comes the Sun!

Today we woke up to day 5 of absolutely no sign of the sun. It really is quite a drag. Living in Richmond, I knew I loved the sunshine, but I didn't realize how much of an affect the lack of consistent sunshine would have on me, and people in general.

From Friday until this morning, the sun was nowhere to be found, hidden behind thick white and grey clouds. But as the day progressed, tiny bits of blue started to show, and by 1:30 (when the sun was well on it's way down) there were big bits of blue, and we could even see the sun peaking out from behind some clouds! It was like taking in a deep breath of fresh air while sitting on a beach in a tropical climate. Ok, not quite that fabulous, but you can see what I mean.

I would much rather have sunny weather when visitors are here, so if we have to endure the crappy weather when they're not here, I'll take it. Here's hoping we have similar weather for James' sisters (arriving in 10 days!) that we had when Tim and Jenna were here. It was cold and icy, but sunny most of the time.

Currently, it's 4pm, the sun dipped below the horizon about half an hour ago. These early dark nights make it feel like it's so much later than it actually is.

But! Only 5 days until winter solstice! After that (the shortest day of the year) the days will begin to get longer and longer again. Yippee!

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Hannah said...

So I just took a study break and I am so excited to come!!!! I cant wait, I have one more final on thursday morning and then im headed home!! im so excited to see you both!!!!