Thursday, February 05, 2009

25 random things

A cut and paste from my Facebook profile...

1. I absolutely love all fruits and vegetables. Except brussel sprouts and cauliflower. At Christmas I had to eat brussel sprouts twice in two days because it's the traditional thing to eat at Christmas in Scotland, and I couldn't offend the generous host's. They are just as gross as they were the few times I had to eat them as a child.

2. All through my life I've been blessed with amazing girl friends. I could try to expound on how incredible of a gift that is, but I can't really find the words to accurately express my thankfulness for them.

3. When I'm trying to fall asleep, i have an intensely sensitive sense of hearing. Ticking clocks are my enemy. I can't even have ticking watches in the same room. Meanwhile, James can only fall asleep while listening to sports radio, with headphones of course.

4. I've always wanted to learn sign language. I plan to when I retire.

5. Me and two of my best and most long-term friends from childhood have a plan to buy an RV and drive around the country when we retire. It was understood, that if our husbands-to-be didn't agree to this, the wedding was off.

6. I love teeth. I really miss my dental assisting job, and miss talking about teeth and seeing teeth and learning about teeth. I want to go back to school to be a dental hygienist. I know, the teeth obsession thing is really weird, especially since most people's mouths are pretty gross, but somebody's got to love these kinds of things, right?

7. I have a bad habit of not finishing a book before I start another. Right now I'm in the middle of 5. I've resolved to finish all of them before starting a new one; it's been tough because there are so many other ones I want to start reading.

8. The two things about my husband that first caught my attention were his sense of humor (namely his laugh) and how much he loves his sisters.

9. If the rest of the world saw how ridiculously silly I am when it's just me and James, I think most people would pretend they didn't know me.

10. I love kids. I want some of my own. I think twins would be the most amazing gift ever. But of course, I'd be thrilled with just one.

11. I'm not a huge fan of getting flowers as a gift, unless it's every once in a long while or totally unexpected. I'd rather someone pick me some nice wildflowers, or flowers from their garden as opposed to buy them for me. I would like a plant as a gift too, those last longer. I hate red roses, they're so trite. My husband stole my heart when he bought me yellow roses right after we started dating, and I'd never mentioned my dislike of red ones to him.

12. I have a slight fear of falling. Any kind of falling: down stairs, when I'm running, off of a high structure, even falling when I'm going upstairs. The worst part about falling would be if I broke any teeth. Don't talk to me about this, it will just perpetuate the irrational fear.

13. I've never broken any bones. I have sprained my wrist and big toe. The wrist happened as a result of some moshers getting out of hand at a hard core show (I myself wasn't doing any moshing, but isn't that a funny image? )The toe has been sprained for about 2 years; I don't think it will ever heal because won't take a break from running long enough for it to heal.

14. I refuse to buy any item of clothing at full price. I used to spend money like mad without a second thought, but then I got married and the word "budget" was introduced into my vocabulary.

15. The first time James and I went to the grocery store together (before we were married), our opinions of what to buy and how much to spend were so divergent, and a fight was so imminent, we had to abandon the cart and return another day.

16. The older I get, the more grateful I am for the fact that my parents are now my friends.

17. I also have great in-laws.

18. I lived in the same house from birth until I left for college. In the 10 years since I graduated from high school, I've lived in 13 different houses. My incredible parents have helped me move each time.

19. My 10 year old nephew is one of the most amazing people I know.

20. I love the sun and can't stand several gray days in a row. In regard to that aspect of life in Scotland, it's been challenging.

21. I think I've learned more about myself and God's grace in the last 16 months, than I have during the rest of my years combined. I don't think it's a coincidence that during the last 16 months I've experienced some of the most challenging and difficult circumstances of my 28 years.

22. I'm addicted to Burt's Beeswax lip balm and probably always will be.

23. James' marriage proposal to me was the best ever. EVER. I dare you to challenge me on this. I know you *think* yours will be the best because it's your spouse and you're in love and yadda yadda yadda, but it's still not actually better than James' proposal.

24. I love running. It's my form of therapy, it keeps me sane.

25. I wouldn't change for a minute the fact that I grew up in the little ol' city of Hopewell, but I'd never move back there. I love bigger cities too much.


Janet said...

Thanks Jenn! Love the new background.

Liz said...

What fun to find out more about you, Jennifer...Looking forward to April and meeting face to face.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, Jennifer. I had been tagged a week ago with the 25 random things about me and have just looked at it and stared into space! You've given me encouragement to write my own list. I wasn't sure I could come up with 25 things!!!