Monday, May 25, 2009

A Newfound Skill


While James's mom was taking a photo of this lovely bridge, I was caught in the act doing something I seem to spend a lot of time doing lately.

I've heard lots of ladies describe the exhaustion they feel while pregnant, so it was a symptom I expected to experience. But what I didn't realize is that pregnancy exhaustion is an animal unlike any other kind of exhaustion. One thought that continues to pop up in my mind every so often is, "what must it be like to be pregnant and have other kids to take care of?!?" My respect for you ladies has grown exponentially!

Though the last two weeks have seen a marked decrease in my rate of yawn's per day, quite a few still escape each day. But please know, I'm not complaining; I am totally embracing this, and every other pregnancy symptom I've had and will have in the future because it means a miracle is taking place...inside my body of all places!


Valerie said...

It definitely is overwhelming at times. But in a few weeks you should get another burst of energy, luckily before you're too big to move!

Get some rest!

Matt Blick said...

Hang in there Jennifer.

Anna- the mother and author said...

Wait 'til the nesting kicks in. And the unnecessary emotional outbursts arise when your cravings for steak popsicles isn't met...hell hath no fury like a preggers lady left unsatisfied when craving filet mignon frozen treats. Seriously. At least this is true in my experience.

Melanie said...

For the first three months of my pregnancies, I always felt like I had been bitten by the tse-tse fly because I had "sleeping sickness." Yawn..yawn..yawn all the time. I remember well!