Monday, June 29, 2009

Year of the Visitor: Part 11, The Final Chapter

In keeping with my recent life tendencies, this post is overdue, but I'm getting it done nonetheless.

Six days ago we said goodbye to our last set of visitors (unless of course, we have some surprise visitors sometime in the next 16 days, which we are open to!) in Scotland: my parents and my 11 year old nephew Noah. We had an awesome time with them and got to do some sightseeing things we hadn't done yet.

It was pretty easy to say goodbye since we knew we'd see them in three weeks.

I hadn't spent that much non-stop time with my nephew in years and it was such a blast to see how he's grown and changed. He's developing quite the sense of humor and is very witty. He's also incredibly thoughtful and generous for a boy his age. He kept us laughing which made the entire trip (and especially the car rides to far-away sightseeing places) much more fun!

Pictures soon to come, for now it's back to packing.

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