Saturday, November 07, 2009

38 Weeks, and a Realization

About a week ago, a funny thing happened. I saw my profile in a mirror and realized that for the first time, my big belly seemed normal to me. Up until then, I would see my reflection and be surprised or just shake my head in disbelief that this ever expanding belly is actually a part of my body.

It only took 9 months to get to that point, but I'm finally here. Having a child grow inside my body is such a bizarre, and incredible, experience, I can't even begin to explain it; and I never would've been able to understand what it's like without experiencing it.

So here we are, 38 weeks pregnant and two weeks to go until D-day. But of course, a due date, as everyone knows, is merely a suggestion, especially for first babies. Our little guy could decide to arrive any day, or it could be another four weeks from now. My hope is he'll arrive on the day that is best for him, he can take as long as he needs to grow and long as it happens during the month of November.

In the last week, I've been dealing with some pain in the hip/pelvic area. From what I've been told, ligaments are loosening up down there to prepare for this little man's arrival, which is one of the reasons for pain. Another issue I've been having is sciatica; apparently he's camped out on a nerve which is causing random shooting pains through my hip and leg and pain whenever I take a step. But I've talked to ladies who've had this kind of pain for 2/3rds of their pregnancy, so if it's only the last 3-4 weeks that I'm having to deal with this, I'd say that's pretty good and I'm super grateful.

I'm off to pack my hospital bag. I'm a horrible procrastinator when it comes to packing for a trip, I usually do it after midnight the night before a trip. That obviously won't work this time since I imagine the last thing I'll feel like doing in the midst of labor pains is packing a bag with all the necessities.

Here's where I could use your help: any suggestions from you mothers (or fathers) of items I definitely will want or items you took and definitely didn't need?


Wilson Ramblings said...

miralax... they won't give you any there and it works better than the stool softner. we had to beg a friend to bring it to the hospital... oh and don't forget your video camera! :) Another thing that was a confort to me was the blanket from our bed. It smelled like home and was something snuggly to help dull the pain a bit. Hand sanitizer too, IPOD, and a fan or noise maker... those hospitals are NOISY!!!

I am so excited for you! I was doing these same things 2 years ago!

My friend Kendra is due Nov 11th and she posted the same kind of question on her blog. Here's a link to the comments she got...

maybe they will be helpful!

Shannon Hamm said...

We had our iPod and a little iPod stereo and had a bunch of relaxation music on the iPod. It was originially intended for me to listen to during childbirth, but we didn't end up using it until after Joshua was born, but used it for the whole 2 days we were in the hospital and it was great for covering up the hospital sounds. And now all the music brings up good memories.
Stool softener is seriously a must...
And of course, a comfy set of clothes to wear home. And if you want, a comfy set or two of pjs for the hospital.
We're praying for you!!!

Melanie said...

Jenn...I'd say something comfortable and not too tight to walk around in and feel covered up. Sometimes it helps to walk while in labor, but you want loose clothing then. Also afterwards if your little one is in the nursery and you want to walk down the hall to see him or show him off to friends,you'll need something to walk around in then. Long time ago, we'd look for a pretty robe. Not sure what moms are wearing these days!

Take your laptop (if you have one) and camera cord to post baby pictures on your blog as soon as you can!!

I'm Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for all the great tips! Now, who wants to come over and pack my bag for me... :)