Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Many Faces of Jack

Though I took these photos, it was Valerie, who is far more creative and witty than I am, who wrote the fabulous commentary to go along with each photo.

"Why am I not eating? What is happening here?"

"That's shocking."

"Go Phillies!!!"

"Again with the not eating."

"Oh Mama, you're so funny."

"How you doooooooin?"

"Well, this is fun!"

"I'm impossibly sweet and worth all of the sleepless nights because, c'mon, look at this face."


Janet said...

Love the captions!!!

Mary Jo said...

That Valerie should write for a living . . . .

Emily said...

He is so precious!

andi said...


Ms. Moment said...

Precious! i just want to squeeze those cheeks.