Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Boppy Comparison

Here's Jack at about a week old:

About a month old:

And here at about 2 months:

Caught mid-sneeze.

And finally, these are from today, he's just shy of 3 months:

We'll probably be forcing the poor guy to carry around the boppy so we can get a photo-op when he's graduating from college.


Mary Jo said...

The sneeze is my favorite!

Coral said...

I love them all, he is so sweet! Love you guys xxx

Wilson Ramblings said...

such a cutie!!!!!! Are you guys using cloth diapers? Way to go my friend! When did you start? I love the monkey shirt!!!

I'm Jennifer said...

Hey Katie!
We're experimenting with cloth diapers, we don't have a ton yet b/c we're using up all the disposables people generously gave us. But hopefully we'll be using mostly cloth later on! Hope your guy is doing great, he's growing up so fast!