Monday, January 01, 2007

Has it really been a week already???

Friday: Worked until 1:30 (as half day's are the usual custom of dental offices). Picked up a few items at Kroger. Picked up some dry cleaning, dropped off some pants to be hemmed since all pants are made to fit women 5'6'' and above. Arrived home to find mother, father, and sister's-in-laws demolishing our upstairs bathroom. In case you're wondering, this is a good thing. Visited with my favorite aunt and her two girls, my favorite cousins (if the rest of the extended family is reading, I love the rest of you very much, you come in a close second). Joined in the demo. Heard stories of a squirrels nest being discoverd and falling on sister-in-laws head when a portion of the celing was torn down. Yes, a squirrel's nest in our attic. This is bad, but not as bad as the raccoons that resided there two years ago. Spent the rest of the day in demolition mode. Found the rest of the squirrel nest. Went to friends house to take a shower since ours was full of plaster and lathe board. Came home to drink a beer on the couch and fell asleep half way through.

Saturday: Slept in 'till 10:00. Discovered Husband and I had a craving for Rainbow Donuts and left to pick some up. So bummed out when arrived only to find out they're closed for the holiday's. Settled for sub-par Krispy Kreme. Picked up cold meds for husband and Cafe Du Monde coffee for Christmas presents for my two wonderful friends who took me to New Orleans for a wedding gift. Enjoyed donuts and started again on finishing the demolition work. Ate dinner: Pork that James had slow roasted in the pit out back (same pit used for Pig Roast #1 and Porktoberfest). Went to aforementioned friends apartment in Shockoe Bottom again to take showers. Marveled at her amazing view of downtown Richmond.

Sunday: Made a pot of coffee and wanted to drink the whole thing. Went to Sunday school and worship service. Served as an usher for the first time ever: handed out bulletins and collected the offering...didn't screw up. Heard an interesting sermon on whether God created extraterrestrials that live in another area of the universe. Had lunch at home with parents, nephew and family friends that are in town for the weekend. Relaxed with husband. Went to Blare's house for a rockin' New Year celebration. Enjoyed seeing many friends that I've grown accustomed to seeing at the 20N Boulevard parties, always a blast. They are great hostesses. Ventured out to Cary Town for the Ball Rise (not drop). Pleasantly surprised at what a great time it was, Richmond gained some more cool points. Shoulder to shoulder people, everyone having tons o' fun. Hung out some more at 20North. Hung out some more at home until super late, 3:30. Latest I've stayed up since college! Slept in until 11:00.

Monday: Exchanged some Christmas gifts, cleaned the house, threw away/gave away lots of stuff we didn't need. Organized stuff so it will be easier to pack for Belgium (leaving Friday). Worked out with sister-in-law Hannah, some cardio and lots of weights. Favorite machine, inner and outer thigh worker thingamajig, I'll be sore tomorrow.

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