Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Sister(-in-law)

It's so great when a new family member is also a friend.

My husband James has three younger sisters, Leah is the oldest of the three. Before we got married, Leah and I lived together with two other girls. LBH, we had some tough times, me and Leah. With the rest of their family out of the state, I wasn't very understanding about how James' getting married might have been upsetting to Leah. Really, the thing that solidified our friendship was her and Jeremiah's temporary break-up (they just celebrated their 2 month wedding anniversary) and the hours we spent discussing how bad of a decision he had made. I guess I'm good at commiserating.

Last night I had to say good-bye to Leah and Jeremiah. They left today for home (California) and we probably won't see them for three years since we're moving to Scotland. Tears flowed from places I didn't know I had. You know that term, "cried myself to sleep"? Did it. It's not so much the actual act of saying good-bye that gets me, but after the fact, when I'm left with only my thoughts and my husbands shoulder. This is the first good-bye in the string of farewells we'll have to make before leaving for Scotland, and I think it might have been the toughest.

Here's a picture I saw this weekend that I love. It's from Leah's Bachelorette party in October. Fun times. Leah's in the turquoise

I miss my friend Leah.

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