Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend (sans James) Review

-Worked until 11:30 (off even earlier than usual!)
-Met some co-workers at River City Tattoo to partake in a support group. A suburban, mother of two, co-worker of mine decided to celebrate the 40Th year of her birth with a nose ring; she needed some back-up.
-Lunch at Buzz & Ned's with co-workers
-Sent James off to Timberline, WV to snowboard for the weekend
-Straightened the house
-Welcomed my wonderful friend Jess for a visit from her new home in Raleigh
-Bought some veggies, wine (very delicious, thanks Jess! Anapamu Pinot Noir & Chateau Ste Michelle Pinot Gris) and Belhaven Beer (brewed in Scotland) from the Market.
-Went to the Modlin Center for a Modern Dance performance
-Hung out and caught up with Jess until the wee hours of the morning. Well, not exactly the wee hours, but late in comparison to my usual bedtime.

-Slept until 10:30
-Made breakfast & coffee: bacon egg and cheese biscuits, oj, hazelnut coffee.
-Said goodbye to Jess at noon
-Bummed around, little bit of housework
-Went to Jenna's apt. for lunch (sandwiches with her amazing home-made bread)
-Helped mom pick out fabric for curtains
-Got a variety pack of Belgian beer from Total Wine (thanks mom). A fun surprise for James when he returns from snowboarding.
-Walked the perimeter at Target (all the clearance stuff is at the ends of the aisles).
-Bought Zoolander, another surprise for James.
-Dinner at Chipotle (pork tacos).
-Home, played with Owen, more laundry and dishwasher stuff.
-Waxed my eyebrows
-Cleaned up the hot wax that Naomi spilled all over the floor
-Bed (with the help of some Ambien)

-Stony Point Church in the morning
-Lunch at Jason's deli with my parents
-Home for a quick power nap
-Franklin Street Community
-Coffee & yummy cookies at FSC
-Home, made lunches for tomorrow
-Welcomed James home into my loving arms
-Sleepy time


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