Saturday, March 03, 2007

Only METAL folding chairs for me from now on

Here's a funny scenario for you:
James' basketball game had just ended yesterday, I was sitting in the gym with his teammates. To truly appreciate this story, you have to be made aware of the sizes of all involved. James and the four other basketball players sitting on either side of me are all above 6' tall and each weigh 200+ pounds. While I am on the short side at 5'4", and weight 125 lbs. We were all sitting in the exact same type of plastic folding chair. While listening to the guy's chat it up about how the game went, I ever so slightly shifted my weight. All of the sudden...CRACK! To my surprise, I'm suddenly falling swiftly toward the floor as my chair crumbled beneath me. Not to worry, though, because the back of my head broke my fall when it slammed into the cinder block wall. We all had a good laugh at the irony of it all.

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