Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I love Churchill.

My area of RVa is awesome for many reasons, but the biggest reason is the people. You never know what kind of interesting person you will happen upon on any given day. Lots of other people love Churchill too, here are some of them.

A couple of weeks ago renovations began on the condemned house next door to us. We are so very excited. We've met the contractor and his two main workers; they're all great guys.

Here's a story for you that gave me and my husband a good chuckle and also reconfirmed my love for my neighborhood.

Fridays my office closes early (praise the Lord, it's an amazing thing). While exiting my car with a smile to be home at noon, I heard our worker friend's next door yell, "Hey, it's the lady from next door!"

While enjoying a nice chat with the three good ol' boys, one of the workers said, "I see ya got some of them there scrubs on, whaddya do?"

[To give you a mental picture of the scenario, I must describe the appearance of this man to you. I am, in no way, being judgemental, just descriptive. Mid 40's, short, overweight, long stringy brown hair that was last cut back in '05, teeth that could badly use a professional cleaning, wearing one of those Volkswagon farfegnugen t-shirts that said something like, "farfrompukin"...you get the idea]

"I'm a dental assistant."
Surprised, like I caught him off guard, he responds gleefully: "No kidding! I'm a licensed massage technician!"
His boss, the contractor, looks at him like he wants to smack him in the back of the head and says, "Now what does that have to do with dentistry?"
"Well...the scrubs!"

Fast forward one hour.

Owen and I head out for a walk so she can sniff other dog's poop and run around in the park.

Arriving back home at the end of our walk, I stopped to talk to my across the street neighbor and her friend. She's a single mom of three, so friendly; she's always got a, "Hey Girl!" for me. I'm still not sure how she spends her days when I'm at work and her kids are at school, but she's on her porch whenever I'm outside, no matter what time of day or night. They're great neighbors.

My neighbor's friend stated that she saw me in my scrubs earlier and asked me what I do. "I'm a dental assistant"
"No kidding! (with surprise and glee) I'm a licensed massage technician!"

No joke, same exact conversation, within one hour, with two people who couldn't be more opposite.

Please let me know if you figure out the connection between dentistry and massage therapy.