Friday, April 27, 2007

The Search For My Replacement: Off To A Bad Start

Our departure date for Scotland is not yet set, but we hope to be in the land of bagpipes and haggis before the end of this summer. I promised my boss that I would give him two months notice to give him time to find someone, and to give me time to train her. (Saying "her" is not a sexist comment. Yes, a male could competently do my dental assistant job, but my heterosexual male boss does not care to sit 12 inches from another male all day every day. Can you really blame him?)

Since we are thinking July would be a great, and probable, time for us to leave, two months from then begins next week. Although I'm very excited to start this new chapter of our lives, it's also very sad to leave people and experiences I love being a part of.

I love my job; my boss and co-workers are amazing. I really enjoy what I do and am very sad to leave my job. But it is inevitable. When I heard the add was placed in the paper, I got a little nauseous, realizing the end is now beginning.

We had our first interview this week. Oh my, what an experience. If you are preparing for an interview, read on to learn what NOT to do in yours.

DO dress professionally.
-Over-dressed is better than under-dressed. And if the only thing you have to wear is an old t-shirt, AT LEAST iron it.

DON'T talk badly about your previous employers

-We will probably think you'll do the same of us

DON'T tell us your personal life in detail
-We don't need to know that your husband left you suddenly with a new baby
-We don't need to know that you were "mentally unstable" for a while after he left
-You don't need to repeat 5x that your life has stabilized now and everything is "smooth and calm." The repetition makes us think you are trying to convince us of something that is not true.
-We don't need to know you're reading the best book ever "Positive Thoughts for Mom's" and you'd recommend it to us (even though neither of us are mom's)
-We don't need to know what t.v. evangelist you watch every week, where he preaches from, and how many people attend his services
-We don't need to know what day of the week you've chosen to work on building up your daughters self-esteem
-We don't need to know the details of your child's sport of choice and when you've decided to give the team their snack
-We don't need to hear you talk for 15 minutes without taking a breath about all of these personal matters

DON'T boast about your skills when they are the exact opposite of what the interviewer has just stated that he prefers in an employee
-Interviewer: "We have a large office with many employees. We like to help each other out and volunteer to do what is needed for others. It's a necessity to work well with others, be a team player."
-Interviewee: "I work well alone. I'm very good at doing a large amount of work by myself. I used to run three operatories all by myself. I work very well alone..."

-When the subject of compensation is never broached, you don't have a chance at getting this job.
-When the first comment out of the bosses mouth after you've spilled your guts to us is, "Well, we've just begun the interviewing process, we have others to talk with, we won't be making a decision for a few weeks." and there's no comment of us contacting you,you shouldn't expect to get a working interview.

Here's hoping next weeks candidates are more promising.**

**If you know anyone who's interested in a dental assisting job, PLEASE let me know. Experience is a plus but DEFINITELY not required because I am willing to teach you everything you need to know if you're the right person for the job. I can only encourage (not teach) Laugh-ability, Flexibility, People Skills-ability, and Work-Hard-ability, you've gotta come up with those on your own. (you can even make up words, like me!).

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Amy O said...

I love interviews! There should be a book of things NOT to say in interviews. My two favorite comments from interviews are:

"Sometimes I have a problem with anger. Like once I threw a cell phone at my friend. But I apologized later."

And, when we asked someone else if he could think of anybody who could do the job better (trying to get him to sell himself), he said, "Yeah, my roomate."