Monday, May 28, 2007

My 3 day weekend

-Biked to work. (I'm loving this transportation/exercise combo)
-Showered at work, worked, ate a donut.
-Biked home from work at 12:00
-Painted trim in the upstairs hallway
-Went to my parents for dessert.
-Enjoyed watching my husband and 8 year old nephew light fireworks

-Painted the hallway trim some more
-Did some other stuff around the house that I don't remember
-Went to the wedding of a friend from high school

-Overslept. meant to go to the early church service, but missed it.
-Met some friends in Ashland and went wakeboarding with them on Lake Anna
-Pondered the affect that water used to cool a nuclear power plant reactor could have on people
-Talked about family stuff with family for a long time

-Packed some stuff that will be stored for 2 years
-Did a little cleaning and laundry
-Talked to friends in Scotland through Skype (get a Skype account so you can talk to us for free while we're in Scotland. do it now. see the link on my blog)
-Went to Wal-Mart to get some big Rubbermaid tubs to store stuff in/fly stuff to Scotland in
-Saved a lost swan next to Wal-Mart by letting it through the gate so it could leave the parking lot and go back to it's pond (I thinks its wings were clipped).
-Went to family Memorial Day cookout/birthday party for my cousin
-Trying to decide if I should bike to work tomorrow since I got ZERO exercise this weekend

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