Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Some of the highlights of my week because I'm forgetful and want to be reminded of these things.

James and I talked to some of our friends in Scotland. Hearing their voices made me really ready to be there.

Tuesday a patient told me he has an affidavit with my name on it, so when he sues a co-worker of mine, he can have me questioned. What?!? Craziness I tell you.

I biked to work on Tuesday and Thursday

Engagement announcement! One of my best friends and one of James' best friends are getting married! I can hardly believe they're dating, much less getting hitched. I felt so privileged when they biked over from Chimborazo Park to tell us. We were the first to congratulate them in person.

We had dinner with my parents and had a very real, honest conversation about some serious stuff. It was very freeing.

Saw a friend's wedding pictures. She got married in Jamaica last week.

Found a good album on ITunes

Lunch on Thursday was at Pho So 1 near Horsepen behind Home Depot, a treat from my friend Phavy. I had Barbequed Pork and an egg roll over Vermicelli. It was so good I just HAD to eat the entire humungous bowl.

I accidentally did something so silly and stupid at work; I laughed so hard I cried...a couple of times.

My last patient of the week was a doozy. I'd tell you all about it, but honestly, I'm slightly afraid of him.

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