Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Weekend

-Worked until 1:00
-Got my hair washed (always such a treat) and cut by Gary at Vision's
-Helped James get packed up for the Beerble Camp-out
-Did some exercising
-Hung out with Blare and Allison on their front porch. Met a very interesting old man who used racial slurs as a regular part of his speech because "that's how things were done when he was young"

-Road my new bike
-Did lots and lots of laundry
-Checked out the annual Churchill neighborhood yard sale
-Did some more laundry
-Cleaned the house
-Had ice cream cones with my aunt and uncle

-Sunday School and Worship at Stony Point church
-Cheeseburgers and ice cream for lunch. yum.
-To Jenna's to hang out at the pool
-Biked to Franklin Street for church with James
-Ate cookies after Franklin Street even though I told myself I wasn't going to. no willpower.
-Wondered how long I'd have a sore butt from riding my bike
-Watched Soprano's and Entourage
-Started but then stopped watching the Omen because it was freaking me out too much
-Went to bed and had a very long and involved dream about being held hostage