Sunday, June 03, 2007

weekend review

-worked until 2, spent a few minutes recovering from the patient who successfully sucks the life out of any person he/she interacts with.
-ran a bunch of errands
-took my friend's 2.5 year old daughter to her father's wedding rehearsal to be the flower girl.
-vacuum packed a bunch of clothes and sheets in those space saver bags

-packed some kitchen stuff
-took my same little friend to her father's wedding, she was a fabulous flower girl. calamity was averted (15 minutes before the wedding) when caitlin (dressed in her beautiful flower girl dress) tripped on her dress/was pulled by the ring bearer and fell down three concrete steps and landed face first at the bottom. it had to be God's angels softening her fall: hardly a scrape, no blood, and no tears!
-met James in DTSP for dinner at Allison's apartment with she, Sam, and Andi. dinner and dessert were so yummy, Taboo was hilarious

-woke up late and very tired
-church at Stony Point
-home to have soup and grilled cheese for lunch
-took a long nap
-Franklin Street church
-Ran for the border with the Catrow's, discussed the Extremeness of the quesadilla
-home to wait for the Sopranos to come on

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