Saturday, June 02, 2007

Our smart dog

We've left town, and our dog Owen, on several occasions. A couple of times we've had friends stay at our house with her, many times she's stayed with my parents and had a blast playing with their dog. The last time we were gone, it was for a month, so this is her most recent memory of us being away. Who knows if dogs actually remember stuff like that, but I do know they are able to infer things based on prior experiences. Like, us sitting at the table means there will be food to beg for, leash in hand means going outside, etc.

All this to say, she's familiar with seeing us pack bags and load up the car. Even if we're leaving just for the evening, she can tell; she goes to the door before we do, trying to convince us to take her along.

Lately, we've begun the packing process for Scotland. We've loaded up some boxes with items we'll be storing, and packed winter clothes to take with us (I certainly won't be needing my bikini). Concurrently, Owen has become much more attached and clingy. She's never been one to have symptoms of separation anxiety, but I think she's sensitive to us leaving. I wish I could communicate to her that we're taking her with us so she'll stop being so pitiful. Oh well, she's a dog, she'll be fine.

On a separate note, It's such a relief that these unimportant "parenting" items relate to a dog and not a baby. Oh dear Lord help me if I had to move a child to another country!

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