Thursday, June 14, 2007

NOT Homeless as of July 15th!

We have a place to live when our renters move in mid-July. Some friends of ours are leaving today for their adventurous 3-month-long retirement celebration RVing trip to Alaska and back. They've been thinking and praying for someone to stay at their house for months, but hadn't actively pursued it. While talking with my parents last weekend, they heard of our dilemma and wondered if their prayers had been answered.

I just can't believe it, the way this has worked out is incredible. They are helping us out in a tremendous way, but it makes us glad to be able to help them out as well.

So now we have exactly one month to pack it up and move on out. We're hoping to be completely out of the house by the beginning of July so there's more space to finish up the work we have left.

I'm a firm believer that events like these aren't coincidences, it's pretty cool how my friend Jesus works it all out.

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