Thursday, June 14, 2007

Looking for an Electrician?

You need some electrical work done at your home? I've got just the guy for you! Our new electrician Mike is downstairs finishing up some incredible work for us.

The geniuses who first wired our house, put the electrical box outside. That needed to be moved inside, and updated to 200 Amps instead of 100. We also just inherited an almost new fridge and stove. Our current stove is gas, so we needed some wiring done to allow us to use the new electric stove.

We found Mike from his ad on Craig's List. He is a Master Electrician and has been working in this field for almost as many years as I've been alive. He grew tired of working for The Man and is starting his own business.

We've checked around and asked for a bunch of quotes for this job. Mike was by far the lowest price. But don't think for a second that a lesser price means lesser quality, this guy is on top of his game. He was extremely professional, considerate, and trustworthy: we left him, without hesitation, at our house all day by himself. And boy did he work hard.

And the final test: the use of multiple heat drawing appliances at once. Victory! I can dry my hair while James irons a shirt!

If you've been thinking about getting that electrical job done, but aren't quite sure what it would take, give Mike a call, he'll give you a free estimate.

I'm so relieved to have that job done! Thanks Mike!

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