Monday, July 16, 2007

short drives to work rule

Living in our temporary housing is wonderful. It's a nice, big house, we can have our dog here, we still get to live by ourselves (some friends of ours preparing to move overseas choose to live with family or friends during the transition times). We really couldn't have planned it better than it was planned for us. And it's cool to know that our friend's whose home we're living in feel that we are helping them out by house sitting while they're traveling. A win-win situation!

So, you see, I have no reason to complain. I'm simply observing some differences. I knew that I loved living 12 minutes from work, and being able to bike there. But I didn't realize how many people must suffer everyday not knowing how wonderful it is to travel a short, traffic free distance to their place of work. My commute is now 30 minutes at best. There are at least 5 routes I can take, but none are direct, and they're all about the same time-wise.

I've talked to people who like the distance to decompress, get a moment of alone time before ariving at home to a whole nother set of responsibilities of family stuff. I guess I can see that perspective, but really, why spend such a large portion of your time in the car.

Just another reason why living and working in a city is such a great idea.

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