Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Continuing Saga of City Inspections

You may have read here and here about our adventures with the city in our attempts to have some electrical work done on out home inspected. Here's the latest update:

Tuesday (one day after the proposed inspection date) we did not hear anything from anyone about the inspection.

Wednesday, James was at the house all day, working on projects on the exterior. In the afternoon, he found a notice on the front door. It stated the time the inspector came by to inspect and that he found no one at home. The notice instructed us to call and make an appointment for the inspector to come by again. Funny thing is, JAMES WAS THERE THE WHOLE TIME! If the inspector, or any other city employee had given us a call and said, "Hey, you might be receiving a visit from the inspector today, you should keep an eye out for him," I would be writing much happier news.

So tomorrow, I will call the city, the nice lady will make an appointment for the following day, (even though they are running 3 days behind schedule) they will call a couple of times to say they're NOT coming, but then they'll show up unannounced, unbeknownst to us, leave a message for us to call them to reschedule, and the cycle will begin again.

God grant me the patience I most certainly do not have.

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